We are passionate about crafting high quality garments for your little ones. And we are just as passionate about running a business where ethics, stewardship, and transparency are guiding principles.
This means that we do things differently than the fast fashion industry, where profits are more important than people, and cheap materials are more important than sustainability, safety, and quality.
We offer something different.  We believe in slow clothing that is environmentally responsible and ethically made right here in Canada. So what does that look like?


• Our seamstress is paid an industry standard living wage.

• Each garment is constructed here in Canada.

• All of our solid fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.

• We choose sustainable blends of bamboo, linen, and hemp  

• All of our custom fabrics are purchased from small fabric shops in Canada.

• We donate our scrap materials to local pet charities for repurposing.

• We donate 5% of our profits to local non-profit organizations that support vulnerable people in our community. This year we have chosen the Moncton Harvest House.